BJORG – Leader of the organic market

The story of Bjorg

Bjorg is an organic food brand born in Lyon in France in 1988. This idea comes from a dietician. Following a food scandal, he decided to make a biological brand at the outset. Indeed, the creator wanted the brand to be a true way of life, that allows us to be healthy. But also to consume products that respect nature and man. For this, the brand had to be accessible to everyone and available in most supermarkets. This is called democratization.

However, consuming organic food doesn’t mean eating balanced and not fat. It’s here that Bjorg is differentiated since their true innovation. Bjorg combines organic and a good nutritional value in each of its products. It’s important for the brand to make people consume organic products. But also to be attracted by this kind of diet. Unfortunately, organic products are hardly put forward in large distributions. Futhermore, they are generally more expensive than average. This has therefore become an issue for the company. It’s in this way that Bjorg has established a marketing strategy for democratization. In fact, Bjorg organize bio-nutrition workshops every year, offering culinary recipes based on their products, and so on. In 2014, the brand had a reputation awareness rate of 90% and 15% in spontaneous notoriety. Its role as an advisor is certainly for something.


Bjorg’s products in the supermarket’s organic shelf.

The leadership

The leader of the organic market, which holds a 22% share of this market, offers a wide range of products in order to be able to eat well at any time: cake, drinks, hot dishes, cereals, etc. There’s something for every taste and the brand continues to innovate. Thus Bjorg accompanies us throughout the day. This also allows her to make promotional offers to attract new consumers. In addition, their products innovation allows not to escape the gluttony. The almond milk and chocolate cakes are besides the best-sellers. In this way Bjorg increases the growth of the organic grocery store. To retain its leading role and attract customers, the brand relies on packaging and their readability. Indeed, their packaging are rather simple but colorful and very explicit.

Bjorg blueberry’s cakes are perfect for a small break.

On the other hand, the brand encounters a weakness. Indeed their products are referenced in specialized organic shelves which can slow down the act of purchase. In fact, people who are not consumers of organic food will not be looking for products if they are not promoted in the general feeding ranges.




-Kristen Bouvier

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