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Nowadays, organic is a trend but some people don’t know what it really significates.

What organic stands for?

Organic is a type of production and processing that respects the environment, the animals and the biodiversity. The organic slows down the global warming. It’s at the heart of sustainable development. It’s a commitment to the well-being of future generations. Organic products are grown without pesticides or genetically modified organisms. They don’t contain any dyes or preservatives. As a result, organic farming respects the great natural balances. That’s why, it participates in the preservation of the planet. Similarly, the mode of organic farming puts the well-being of the animal at the heart of its policy. The animals are raised in the open air and are fed with organic products.

Products that comply with the European Organic Convention are awarded by the AB label. For this, it must respect some fairly strict specifications. Every year, organic producers are subject to inspection controls. They are carried out by an independent body but approved by the public authorities.

However, buying products with Label AB is not enough, the BIO is more than that. It’s obvious that your product will be better for your health than an industrial product. But, organic is an art of living, a way of thinking, of consuming. In addition to consuming products from organic farming, it’s wise to consume local products, pay attention to packaging, reduce general consumption and so on.


AB Label significates that products comply with the European Organic Convention.

AB Label significates that products comply with the European Organic Convention.

Why we have to consume more organic for our wellness?

Organic food products contain:?

– Vegetables contain less water than conventional vegetables.

– Some fruits and vegetable contain more vitamin C.

– Vegetables contain mor iron and magnesium.

– Cereals contain more protein.

– Meat and dairy products contain more omega 3.


To conclude, organic products are better for health and for the planet. It’s a real way of life in order to feel better.

See more information on http://greenagency.iscom-digital.com/2017/10/11/what-is-the-concept-of-organic/


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