Organic Furnishing

You thought you knew everything about organic products ? Well today you will learn a little more about it.  We’ve talk about make up, clothes, food, lifestyle but there is others subject to talk about. The organic is now almost everywhere. Indeed this week we will talk about organics furnishings.

When we search on internet we can find a lot of brands of organics furnishings. Lot of them are for babies.

But what is organics furnishings ?

Organics furnishings are furnitures which respect the environment. Brands must ensure the source of raw materials, the method of manufacture, distribution until recycling packaging. They are also using renewable materials. Only recycled cardboard and paper are used for the packaging of all the furnishings.

They also ensure that no materials contain toxic products. For example the use of water-based paint without solvent.

Organics furnishings are not lower quality than non organics furnitures. And it’s obviously organics furnishings are much better for health because of the materials used.

Are there any defaults ?

Indeed it is much more expensive that non organics furnishings. You need to count a least 200€ more for organics furnishings. It means that it is not accessible to everyone. As i said before most of organics furnishings is for babies, and all babies furnishings are already expensive. It can be a real additional cost for parents to choose organics furnishings.

Of course some brands are more expensive than other. You can maybe find organics furnishings less expensive.

With a wide range of choices of organics furnishings, brands of organics furnishings have already charmed more than one, especially parents of young children who cares about what the materials contain.

If you want to know how to clean all your house with organic products you can go here!

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