The organic democratization

As we know, today, more and more brands are launching their range of organic products.

How food brands are trying to democratize organic?

The organic was still a small sector of food market in 2010, but its fast development required brands to anticipate and to adapt. There is a real organic democratization. Indeed, the population was more and more concerned about what they eat, both for health and for the environment. That’s why today, organic isn’t only available in specialist shops; we find it everywhere. Large and medium-sized stores sell 46% of organic production, against 36% for specialist shop, 13% for direct sales and 5% for craftman. This magnitude has set some distributors thinking: open shops only dedicated to organic. Monoprix is the first shop to launch its organic chain in 2008: Naturalia. Then, we also find Carrefour Bio or Coeur de Nature by Auchan. Thus, private labels account for 41% in the organic grocery market and even 79% on the organic fruit juice market.

Naturalia's logo

Naturalia’s logo

Carrefour Bio's logo

Carrefour Bio’s logo

Coeur de nature's logo

Coeur de nature’s logo

In the same way, the big food brands are launched in the organic with derivatives of their major products. Indeed, Heinz has been offering an organic Ketchup for several years, Lesieur now has several organic oils, or even Unilever which offers cooking aids with the AB label or organic soups. Tropicana has also launched a range of organic fruit juices. The organic has become a need for the population: more and more French people consume organic regularly. The brands have understood it and they respond to it. In this way, they speak to consumers and create an image that respects the environment. They want to seduce organic consumers but also,  and above all, non-organic consumers.

Organic Heinz ketchup

Organic Heinz ketchup

Organic Tropicana fruits juice

Organic Tropicana fruits juice

Organic Knorr soupe

Organic Knorr soupe

Since 2010, with the rise of different ranges or new organic supermarkets, there is a real democratization of organic.

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