Investigation at the Natexpo of Paris

Makeup, food, conferences, and a lot of others things … what are we talking about ? About the Natexpo of course ! The french lounge which took place in one of the biggest places of Paris to welcome the biggest lounges at Villepinte. And this is not a simple lounge. This is an organic show which includes more than 850 exhibitors, among which, 20 % of international and more than 29 countries represented !
Let’s come-back on those 3 intense days of intense discoveries from the nature, this incredible biological show !

A big meeting which gathers the children and the parents

From the 22nd to the 24th of October, students, parents and children made an appointment to live an incredible experience. The discovery of the new organic products attracted a lot of people ! The invitation was free,, which extend the audience.
At this organic show, you can discover a lot of new (organics) products, as chocolate, makeup, …

A lot of conferences and discoveries !

Natexpo, green agency, brand identity repu

Natexpo, green agency

Between conferences, expositions, discovery et new products tests, organic supporters were in heaven!  Thanks to activities, associations and companies raised people’s awareness of recycling, reusing and all other kinds of practice that reduce the waste.

– Lucie –

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