Organic labels – What do they mean ?

Do you understand labels ?

There are a lot of labels. I didn’t understand what they mean before. I want to explain to you.

  • COSMOS :

cosmos-2-13088142618-originalThis one is an international. It’s for explain more than 95% of the ingredients are organic. Also, the ingredients need to be transform only one time. If it’s not to much transform, it use less oil! Better for our lovely planet. This category of label is very complicated to have.


BBlogo_ecocert_greenThis label is given by a government. To have this label, there is a control two times per year. In those products, there are more than 95% of naturals ingredients and minimum 10% of them which are organic. Consequently it’s easier to have it.

  • BDIH :

bdih_logoBDIH is, in my opinion, one of the most ethic. This label was created in 1951. There is a list with authorized  ingredients, because they considered there are good and bad ones. Indeed, they need to not come from oil, to not be created with GMO and even the packaging needs to be ecological. What a delight!

Why do you know all this? The Green Agency’s goal is for you to better understand what you buy, eat and consume. Those labels we have presented are the most selective. They are often put on German products. Therefore German brands are the most committed to nature conservation and often pay attention to their label.

Conclusion, you now have an idea of how to buy!

You can also found more informations about the organic in this article.

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