How mass distribution firms adapted themselves to the arrival of Organic?

La Vie Claire, Naturalia.. But what about Mass Distribution Firms Carrefour, Auchan ..?

The organic expansion had clearly changed our daily supermarkets, such as Carrefour, Auchan, Intermarché and so on!

Indeed, the new trend of the organic from the population pushed mass distributions brands to add a new type of product in their shelves: the Organic!

Indeed, they really felt the need of their customers about their willingness to change their habits. But not only, eating balanced food consuming organic products is their new goal. And this need was amplified by the new concept of organics products. For example, natural and pesticides-free vegetables became demanded which urges Mass Distributors to rapidly find a solution.

That’s why, since 2015, we can see this all natural and green products area in those shops!

But, are the products really organic?

This question often comes out. People believe that big brands like Carrefour or Franprix, only want higher profits.

However, certified labels and many inspections each year clearly show that products in the Organic Shelves are real. AB Label or Bio Cohérence are here to certify the organic origin of a product.

This mean that if you see one of the logo below, you can be sure to buy an organic product.

                   AB Label significates that products comply with the European Organic Convention.  logo of bio coherence

To sum up, Mass distributions firms managed to adapt themselves. But not only adapting, also be competitive with other organic shops (La Vie Claire, Naturalia..). Moreover, they are now proposing a large choice of organic products, different brands and different tastes.

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