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Monoprix verts, Rainett, L’Arbre Vert, You, Maison Verte and so many. Dishwashing liquid with aloe vera, kitchen cleaner, brush, broom, etc… Almost two pages of products on the Monoprix website in the organic products section. But four pages for all the other products who are not an organic one.

It is still new to buy organic, so it is normal that the large part of the population using non-organic products.

What are thinking consumers about organic products for cleaning house?

Of course, we can find the good and bad thing in both. Consumers are not afraid of that type of products that they don’t really use. Some of the blogs and other media are revealing lots of current product we should not use because of toxic substance for our health. Like it says here:

The result of this protestation is that people caring about what they eat but now also about what they use.

That’s why Femme Actuelle and others publish different articles about the topic and products we should use. (If you want to see the article click here: )

If we are looking at the top ten of household products there is only one who is organic, the sponge.


Top 10 of household product –

On the other Top 10 of brands in household products, there is none organic brand.


Top 10 of household brands –

What about prices?

Yet, price differences are almost non-existent. About pasta the organic one is not the more expansive it is the Panzani. But, for milk and meats, the organic is more expansive because de breeding is not the same.


It is now your choice, you have all keys in hand! It’ll be not a question of price but a question of choice!


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