When organic brands are used as partnership

Nowedays, products placements are everywhere, we can see many influential persons, also known as “influencers”. They are talking about their « favourites body cream », or talk about their favourites brands, the parternship are more and more presents on the web and the social networks.

But we noticed that some influencers are posting and talking more and more about their favourites organics brands ! Although, the organic brands send the products and the influencers decide to talk about them, or not, and this is product placements or partnerships.

For example there is the french blogger, Neroli, who shows and recommends us some organics products. Or the french blogger Julien who’s talking about a lot of organic recipies and tips by giving us tips about which essentials oils to use during pregnancy, ….

After the bloggers, we have the youtubers, who are making some « haul ». This is a video where they show and talk about organic products that they received. The american youtuber KathleenLights  make a video about this topic.

Haul of organic products, The green agency

Haul of organic products, The green agency


Most of the time, their opinions are useful and good. They are making food advertizing for organic brands because organic products are better for the skin than the other products. They contain a lot of products bad for skin (cancer, eczema, …).
We can also think about the french fitness influencers douzefévrier, who is sponsored by the organic products Foodsrpring. A partnership that she really love :

Parternship with Foodspring, The Greenagency

Parternship with Foodspring, The Greenagency

If you want to know more about the brand Foodspring, you can check this article !
Or the french youtubeur  Sissy Mua who is in partnership with the french organic brand Bio c’ bon on her “Insta story” :

Bio c' bon sponsorised by Sissy Mua, The Greenagency

Bio c’ bon sponsorised by Sissy Mua, The Greenagency



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