BOS, the new ice tea

Today i will talk about a brand which is more and more famous in France. This brand is BOS.

Do you know this fashion brand ? If you don’t you will learn everything here and you will not be able to do without.

Why we love it?

First of all BOS is a South Africa brand which was created in July 2010 by Peet Piernaar.

BOS Ice Tea offers an assortment of refreshing teas made from organic rooibos from South Africa. Indeed, their fruity flavors are natural and respect the well-being of everyone.

This drink is available in five flavors, BOS offers three flavors married to rooibos: lemon, peach and apple. BOS Energy reveals cranberry flavor with silver apricot, ginseng and guarana. Then, BOS Slim combines with lemon and ginger with Hoodia Gordonni known to be a natural appetite suppressant, dandelion and Gotu Kola, a herbaceous plant used for medicinal purposes.

Appreciated for its sweet and sweet taste, preferred for its lack of theine, Rooibos is the darling of South Africans. And for good reason, its antioxidant properties, soothing during digestive disorders or sleep are just the beginning of the list.

Without forgettin its’ trendy look. In fact the packaging is pretty stylish. On the bobbin is a lion (which is the logo) and a star. These two symbols are placed on a flashy color changing according to the chosen taste.

How BOS won the hearts of consumers ?

In june 2012, BOS create a campaign The Incredible Sampling Robot is displayed as a vending machine that activates by tweeting. Initially in a shopping mall in Cape Town, touring the country thereafter, via the hashtag # bostweet4t, Bev, the distributor delivers a free iced tea. He goes even further by displaying the name of the twitter on the LED screen. Tweet for tea ?

This year BOS has decided to create an other campaign to be known. On their website you can design your own can. If you win your can will be commercialize in 200 000 copy. But you will also win 1000€.

BOS on instagram

But all their communication doesn’t stop here. They are very present on Instagram. Indeed a lot of person are posting pictures of them with the can in their hand.

After all of this article the only thing you need to do is tasting it ! Tell us your opinion !

If you want to find BOS you can look in those stores!

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