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My discovery, Yuka: A new brand

Since I know this application, called Yuka, I scan everything! This new brand brings organic and good food to us. It is a new era for Yuka identity reputation. 

One of my friends told me about this application. She is using it in order to know what are the ingredients of her food. So I decided to try it. I find it fun to scan everything and know a lot thank’s to the reference code.

Ten million French people want to adopt healthy food. But they are faced with a big problem when they have to choose their products: it is very complicated to understand the label code. It doesn’t reveal lots of informed choices.

57% French are aware of the composition of products. 82% judge the label difficult to understand. It is maybe a way to send the same brand because of brand identity reputation.


What is the aim of Yuka?

Yuka describes the composites and tells you what is good or bad. The application also can propose you an alternative. The alternative is mostly organic but reveals that some organic products are worst than normal production.

Helps us to be aware and try to understand what we eat.

However, be careful with this kind of application. Some of them are financed by a brand so the application recommends the brand. Yuka is financed part from the co-founder and the other part from public donation.

You know what you have to do now!

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