What about the phenomenon of organic in Barcelona ?

How about the organic market in Barcelona?

Currently doing my international internship in Barcelona, I have the opportunity to really compare and understand the organic trend in this beautiful city.

What I can definitely say is that organic food and products are definitely not ubiquitous in the population’s daily lives.

French supermarkets have special areas dedicated for organic products in most of big supermarket. On the Contrary, in Barcelona there is no such a thing in most of the big supermarkets.

Indeed, finding organic products is kind of a treasure hunt.

However, the organic trend is slowly and timidly growing up in Barcelona. In the last year, little supermarkets and restaurant are more and more existing.

Organic Market in Barcelona

Barcelona is now living its organic trend

Organic market are now available and after an little survey, the main buyers are retired people and then from 22 years to 26 years old sportive.

Furthermore, organic restaurants are also slowly being popular in Barcelona. They are mainly located in well-known places to go for a drink or for eating with friends. Therefore, they can directly attract younger people. Based on their testimonies, they strongly highlight and base their attractiveness on fresh product. Indeed, most of their clients come back for their fresh and tasty milkshakes but also for their unique burgers.

To conclude, compare to France, Barcelona has some improvements to make in order to turn their habits into healthier ones. In addition, spreading this new market will allow the creation of new areas dedicated for organic products in big supermarket. Therefore, it will certainly reach much more people and potential new customers.

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