The seeds, a trend or a real way of life ?

We know that nowaday, seeds are very fashionable on the social networks. But a question often returns : are seeds really healthy ?

The oleaginous plants are all different and doesn’t bring us same virtues. To lose weight, we are thus going to choose those who, besides their nutritional virtues, have specific ones. We shall think of the linseed which is rich in omega 3. Almonds, them, regulate the cholesterol and walnuts warn the cardiovascular diseases. Other oleaginous plants are rich in mineral salts and in trace elements like phosphor, zinc, iron or still magnesium as pine nuts and pistachio nuts which help to fight against the ageing.

When we lose weight, we feel sometimes tired, at the end of nerve wreck and exhausted. The consumption of oleaginous plants thus answer these negligences while helping in the loss of weight by their satisfying side brought by fibers.

seeds, Green agency

seeds, Green agency

As the website bodybuilding said, there are a lot of advantages and things to know about seeds, oleaginous !
The secret of a good food is the diversification, you should not abuse nor to private yourself of what you like eating at the risk of enlarging even more and obtaining no results !

If you want organic seeds, you can check the article about the organic shop La vie claire.

So be careful when you change your way to eat, don’t eat too much one specific food.


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