What really means “organic” meat?

What means an “organic” meat?

We often hear “organic meat” “organic eggs” “organic milk” and so on. But what it really means? What make them different from conventional products? And what are the conditions to call a product “organic”?

Conditions to call the meat as “organic”.

Today, farmers have to fulfill very strict conditions in order to have the privilege to call their products “organic”. Indeed, organic farming has to provide specific needs for each animal species they have. The two main rules to respect are the consideration of the land and the contribution of all the necessities for the wellness of the animals.

First of all, it is forbidden to mix non-organic animal with organic animal in the same farm. As organic animals have specific needs, farmers have to completely focus on their organic animal husbandry. In this way, farmers won’t provide incorrect resources that will turn an organic animal into a conventional product.

Secondly, the place where organic animals live has to be shined with natural lights. Moreover, it has to give an access to the open air where animals can freely walk and graze the natural grass.

Organic Hens taking some fresh air freely.

       Organic Hens taking some fresh air freely.

Food specificities for organic animals.

Then, their food has to be 100% organic too. Which means natural seeds and cereals to feed the animals. And what is very common in the organic animal husbandry is the auto-production of the organic food. For young mammals, organic milks are provided with a preference of maternal milk. In addition, fattening is prohibited in the organic farming.

Others rules to respect.

Finally, when an animal is sick, famers don’t have the right to use antibiotic to heal the sick animal.  Because normally, the respect of all the conditions for an organic farming would avoid the risk of sickness.

Indeed, farmers are not allowed to use any kind of pesticide, GMO, fertilizer or any kind of chemical substance.

To conclude, the organic farming tries to give a life as natural as possible for animals. Farmers try to provide their natural environment where they can live normally and not in a mass production way. It is like the human intervention doesn’t exist in one animal’s life.

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