Sanoflore, the brand that you will not be able to do without

Today, we will talk about a brand which is becoming more and more famous in cosmetic’ world.

This brand is Sanoflore.

If you don’t know this brand, after this article you will definitely adopt it and you will not be able to do without.


What is Sanoflore ?


Sanoflore is a cosmetic brand which exists since 1972. The birthplace of this brand is the Vercors, an area protected from all pollution, pioneer of organic farming in France. The Vercors is characterized by exceptional climatic conditions, favouring a unique biodiversity and obtaining ingredients particularly rich in active and antioxidant molecules.

Sanoflore have a natural laboratory which is a botanical garden.

Indeed, the Sanoflore Botanical Garden is a living collection of 350 aromatic and officinal plants.

The Sanoflore philosophy is pure, powerful and sensory and sustainable.

What a lot of people don’t know about Sanoflore is that the brand belongs to l’Oréal group.


What  are the products that offered the brand?

Sanoflore is offering a lot of different range of products such as some floral waters, mask, make-up remover but also a lot of care.


Sanoflore a natural but fancy brand.

Indeed Sanoflore is only using the natural product but the brand identity is still « fancy ». If we look at the different packaging there is a lot of golden colours. Furthermore, the logo is also in golden.

Often the brand which is natural use some very simple packaging to stay in the natural and organic image.

Sanoflore shows us that it’s possible to be an organic brand while being in the era of time and having a modern packaging that catches eyes.


Does Sanoflore products work?

If you want to know if Sanoflore’s products work you just have to go to some website where women give their opinions and you will see that most products get 4 out of 5 stars.

If you want to know about other cosmetic brand that is 100% organic you can go here:


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