The new concep : Scoby the new identity reputation for plastics bags!

New brand identity reputation for plastic bags

A Mexican created a new concept: Scoby. It is a new brand that will change brand identity reputation of packaging. This is something that grows up in the same time of legumes. It helps to fight against pollution and protect cultures from pesticides’ contamination.


From the instagram: make_grow 

It is an innovative product and concept that is thanks to Roza Janusz who is in this year’s graduate of School of Form in the field of Process Design. With research a bio fabrication’s processes, Scoby was born. It is like a second skin that protects the legume.

We also can do compost with Scoby when it is used, the nit is a great way to protect plant and eat something that is protected by another thing than pesticides.

The packaging is created with germs and sugar that is inside germs. It is present in plantations and helps to develop legumes in a good place. Scoby is physically like a plastic bag, that is funny, but it is not one. This is more like a skin that is quite cute when you see legumes in.

Scoby schema

No more pollution in our legumes but also for the planet!

The phenomenon is like it is happening for onions. A second skin is growing. It is comestible and naturals. The creative woman explains that le producer of legumes can use it for the production of packaging or/and using it as nutriment. It is containing pH acid and minerals components that can be used as natural engrain. It is cheaper than pesticides.

You can look at her website right here:

For more information about organic, get a look at this article about:


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