The Brand Identity Reputation of Mademoiselle bio

We already talk about organic beauty brands like Melvita, Sanoflore and Weleda. But now, I want to explain to you about the Brand Identity Reputation of one distributors of organic brands : Mademoiselle Bio.

Mademoiselle Bio - Store


What is Mademoiselle Bio ?

Mademoiselle Bio is a chain of stores since 2006. They tried to be the most ethic as possible about the environnement and the health. There are selling products from brands which are chosen very carefully. Besides there are most famous organic brands like Melvita, Lavera, Dr. Hauschka, Natracare, Schimdt’s…

What is there Brand Identity Reputation ?

Those stores are very liked by the high socio-professional class from the big cities like Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon et Strasbourg. There are famous for them good sellers and good advises for the products. Furthermore their reputation make them to specialized.

What are our favorite products ?

Cream -Mademoiselle Bio

The absolute comfort cream with sweet almond by WELEDA :

This cream has the label NaTrue. This label means  There is an article about labels in our website if you want to know more.

It guarantees:

  •  Natural and organic ingredients,
  • Environmentally friendly and controlled manufacturing processes,
  • 13 categories of cosmetics to guarantee maximum naturalness of each product according to their formulation requirements.

It prohibits:

  • Synthetic perfumes and dyes,
  • Petrochemical products (paraffins, PEG…),
  • Silicone oils and silicone derivatives,
  • GMOs,
  • Animal testing on finished product and ingredients,
  • Greenwashing by requiring brands to have at least 75% of their products certified.

This cream is good because, for us, that hydrate well. The fragrance is very pleasing! And it’s always better when it is not animal testing.

Lavera - Mademoiselle BioThe Shampoo shine and suppleness by Lavera :

This shampoo is also NaTrue labeled. Thereby all the promises up are also in this product. Labels are very useful to us because with that we know what we use.

Lavera is a german brand. German labels are very strict so it’s a garantie of quality.



There are very good products with this brand! Go check it!

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