Swedish Stockings, what is it?

Does organic tights exist?

Today we won’t talk about organic products but eco-responsible ones. Indeed, a new brand of tights has just been born and they would be eco-responsible : Swedish Stockings.

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In fact, Swedish Stockings was created in 2014 by Nadja Forsberg and Linn Frisinger, two Swedish women who were looking for nice and different tights with green fiber.

Each season, the brand offers around thirty references in order to bring to each woman what she is looking for.

Why are they green?

Because they are produced from falling nylon in an Italian factory that works only on renewable or natural energy.

Fist, the designers insist on the different certifications collected by their products: Oeko Tex Standard 100 which banishes chemical dyes from tights, Iso 9001 which guarantees their quality or Iso 14001 which insists on the environmental responsibility of the company.

Then, this is not enough for the creators: they want to go beyond the production methods. That’s why they are in research groups to develop a fiber made from recycled tights.

For the moment, they are recycling the old pairs of their consumers to create an industrial oil and grease.

As for packaging, it is made of cardboard from sustainable development.

Swedish Stockings is the brand of eco-friendly tights and would like to integrate the Galeries Lafayette to seduce the French.

If Swedish Stokes arrive in France, would you like to buy their thighs?

If yes, you can visit their website : https://swedishstockings.com

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