A computer graphics on organic in France

As you know, we’re a team that’s in a communications school. In this school, we have graphic design classes. During this course, we had to do a computer graphics on the subject of our choice and we chose organic in France for even more information for you.

The organic in France

Organic is a subject that is of growing concern to French people. New studies show with facts and figures the benefits of bio on health, economy, environment and farmers.

We are very invested in information about organic businesses and the development of this market. That is why this computer graphics will allow you to learn more about the development of organic in France.

Our source is the organic agency. It is a French agency that quantifies organic farming.

The computer graphics :


COMPUTER GRAPHICS ABOUT THE ORGANIC IN FRANCE (you can find it in a better quality here)

We have already talked about this agriculture in two articles: the first and the second. In these articles we explain how it works and why organic is better than non-bio. Even if it seems rather obvious, we preferred to explain it well to you.

More informations :

As mentioned earlier, there are more and more studies on the benefits of organic. I found one about health that we wanted to share with you to support what we said:

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