Be fresh this summer!

Maybe you already ate your first ice cream of the year? Every year you test new fragrances? This summer you will love the organic ice creams created by your favourite brands!

The French eat an average of 6 litres of ice cream per year this consumption remains conditioned by the weather. In fact, we find this weather phenomenon in sales since twice as much ice is consumed in the southeast than in the northwest. Another French peculiarity, 80% of the ice cream is eaten at home. Our European neighbours eat every other ice cream outside. Brands needed to innovate the new ice cream for the customers! Organic or vegan ice cream is what you can now it this summer. Totally new, you can eat cones, sorbets, or ice cream compositions.

Ice cream without chemical products. It is possible! Last year, French have eaten 223 million litres. Brands needed to develop products for everyone. Of course with the tendance of organic food, you can now have ice cream without chemical products no additives and 100% natural. The organic reglementation allow some of the additives, brands are using the less. The AB label takes all manufacturing steps into account from the begin of the plantation to the disposition in stores.

How can we distinct ice cream that we know to the organic one?

Be careful about colours! You may notice the unnatural one like pistachio and violet. « What the French » is a brand that proposes nine different products in the store. Coconut, oat, soy or rice cream replace eggs and milk of animal origin.

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