Brand Identity Reputation & Us

Dynamic, efficient and responsive, we are The Green Agency:

Our mission is to help companies to build their Brand Identity Reputation in the organic area! Our creative team is here to answer to all the needs of our client. That’s why we truly believe that an unique and sustainable Brand Identity Reputation is very important for companies. Our youth and our overflowing creativity are here to support you in your adventure ! The Green Agency obviously worries about the planet and the wellness of each other.

We are here to answer with the most creative and innovative respond to all the companies we are working with. To make this possible, we assure to do our best and to always maintain and improve your Brand Identity Reputation in order to satisfy your needs. The first step is to answer to the brief, then we have to propose creative strategy.

Besides improving their Identity Reputation  in the organic market, we are here to help them to gain some visibility through social medias, magazine, etc.  We also want to help every brands to work on their ecological action and to boost brands who are already doing it.

brand identity reputation

About our website :

There are two purposes of our website. First of all, is to inform people about organics brands, products and all the organics trends. Secondly, our purpose is to improve the notoriety and the reputation of our agency and improve our own brand identity reputation, as a storefront. In this way, companies will see how committed we are but also, that we clearly know the organic area.

The targets of our website are the organics companies who want to do a communication campaign, to communicate about an organic project or develop their brand.

But also, our target is people between 15 and 65 years old, who may be interested by organics brands and different lifestyles that follow the ecological and organic values.

For example, concerning food, there are Bjorg, La Vie Claire, Bio’c’Bon, Naturalia, Jardin Bio and so on.

For the cosmetic area we can think about Melvita, or Weleda. But also, all the organic product range by some brands like Yves Rocher.
And concerning clothes: Ekyog, Les Sublimes, Filabio, Modetic are the most famous on the market. The readers want to discover and learn more about it.

Last but not least, what makes our website different from our competitors is the fact that we talk about very large topics, from fashion to organic restaurant but also make up and more healthy lifestyles. Whereas other blogs focus more on food and cooking topics.

Our target audience should visit our website to learn and understand everything about the market of organic. They can also see the new trends and all the organics brands, discover and adapt a new lifestyle thanks to our website.