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The seeds, a trend or a real way of life ?

We know that nowaday, seeds are very fashionable on the social networks. But a question often returns : are seeds really healthy ? The oleaginous plants are all different and doesn’t bring us same virtues. To lose weight, we are thus going...

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What is Foodspring, the sport nutrition brand?

Today, we will speak about a brand on the sport nutrition market and does in the organic : Foodspring. First of all, the story started in 2013. Egg introduced a protein powder, certified organic, made exclusively from milk from outdoor...

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When organic brands are used as partnership

Nowedays, products placements are everywhere, we can see many influential persons, also known as “influencers”. They are talking about their « favourites body cream », or talk about their favourites brands, the parternship are more and more presents on the web and the...