What about us ?


The Green Agency is a communication agency specialized in the organic area. It has been created for a project of ISCOM Paris (https://www.iscom.fr/fr/). In our team we all have an interest for the environment and the wellness of each other. That’s why we decided to work in the organic area. Therefore, we encourage companies, specialized in organic products, to communicate and we support them through each step of their communication strategy. Indeed, we will bring our young vision, overflowing creativity, dynamism and perfect attendance in each company.

Our team is composed of wonderful and talented women !

Who are we ?

Photo Kristen

“Hello, my name is Kristen I’m the e-copyrighter of the agency. Since my childhood, I love writing that’s why I wanted to do a job which matches with my hobbies. In addition, have an healthy lifestyle is really important to me to feel good so this agency was the perfect match. Thus, my job consists to summary a business strategy into a short but powerful idea. Also, I work with the artistic director to establish a communication plan. As my job is really artistic I have to be cultivate, creative and imaginative but also curious and open-minded.”



Photo Natacha

“My name is Natacha and I am the chief of projects in this agency. Since a young age, I really like food and I’m very interrested in the health. Therefore, I wanted to mix my interest and my work. That’s why I’m now in the organic food. Moreover, I am organized and I like to manage team, I am lucky to work in this agency. Indeed, we have the chance to have lot of important companies in this section and we would like to show this new phenomenon to everyone because the health is the most importante thing in life!”


Communication department:

Photo Alice

 “My name is Alice. I’m the public relation responsable. I’m very interested in the global warming, organic, health of what we eat since years. That’s why, I try every day to do my best to help the planet and the population to live in a better world. Consequently, doing my best means be a vegetarian and communicate about ecology and organic !”




Photo Lucie


“Student in school of communication,  I am very curious and interested in everything that touches the current events of influencers. As the community manager, i’m always connected on social medias. For example, Instagram and Twitter, I like spending my time on these networks”

Graphic design department:

Photo Elisa Photo Mellie

“We are Elisa (on the left)  and Mellie (on the right), the graphic team of the agency. So, our goal is to amazed you with our unique vision of organic. Indeed, since we are young we love design, graphic and we wanted to use our skills to help organic company to be known and to provide them a powerful identity and réputation. And what we look for is to tempt customers only by visual.”